AIRSOFT ARTISAN LVAW Handguard Set for SIG Airsoft MCX Virtus

Airsoft Artisan

  • $190.00

Code : AA-MCX-02-BK 

Made by aluminium 6 series / steel

Color :  Black ( Anodizing )

Length : 10.5"   Weight : 221g ( Handguard ) 340g ( Silencer )

Packages Included 6.75inch Outer Barrel / SRD762 9.3inch Dummy Silencer  (Grey Anodized) / Light Mount and 5 Slots Rail Panel 

Warning :
The product is for Airsoft only
It is important to note that Airsoft replicas CANNOT in any way be converted to fire live ammunition!

The only thing airsoft replicas have in common with real silencer is their external size and shape. Inside, these models have totally different workings to the internal mechanism of a silencer, and the materials used for construction could not possibly withstand the explosive forces of a bullet that real weapons are designed to take.